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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is 'historical' management important for a hotel?
A. Yes, because the forecast for the future must come from an analysis of the present in confrontation with the past. Our sophisticated tecnology will analyse your figures and predict a trend for the future...

Q. How important is the psychological component in hotel management?
A. Very, because it allows the creation of group spirit which is essential in reaching fixed objectives. A hotel marketing implementation strategy is fine but it needs the support of the staff involved in the project without whoms cooperation the strategy will struggle to succeed!

Q. Is having the desire to better oneself important?
A. Yes, because this is the spring that ‘professionals’ need to push – to want to do well especially in the little things.

Q. Has the concept of 'seasonality' been exceeded?
A. Yes, in recent few years we have found more and more in question the concepts of low or high season. We also question the importance of last minute hotel marketing strategies - turning last minute lookers into bookers can be instrumental in increasing hotel's profitability.

Q. Is it true that not everyone can be satisfied with hotel work?
A. It is truer to say that to obtain significant results it is better to have an appropriate human resource department... know what your criteria are when conducting a recruitment drive and make both your personnel and clients happy at the same time.

Q. I am meticulous, is this a problem?
A. Not if I am able to use my desire of precision to the best when at work.

Q. I am an individual with my own mind is this a problem?
A. Their is no problem with being like this but remember TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More - embrace inidividuality but know when project team work obtains the best results.

Q. How necessary is looking after the employees physical appearance in hotel work?
A. If we think that often the hotel is identified by the people who work there then we have already answered the question.

Q. How important is online booking in hotel management?
A. Very. Online booking is so important, you must choose the right system at the right price i.e. annual fixed fee or commission based. Plus look after your bookings who are really clients, every time a hotel takes a booking we must know that it will continue to live until the client checks out of the hotel.

Q. Is it at the moment of check out that my clients will have been satisfied?
A. It is fundamental to have some measure of their satisfaction when the client is departing, we can help you implement a fidelity program which is instrumental in ensuring repeat business and fidelity towards your accommodation whether it is a four star hotel or a simple B&B.


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